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Easy data management. Engaging interactive visualisations.

We help people see trends in opinion polls, find scientific patents, and compare cattle prices. Small Multiples builds the tools for unlocking the potential of your data.

Data visualisation

Designed to tell a storyWe research the audience, find the right technology, and craft user experiences to communicate your message effectively.

Publish anywhere, in many waysAvailable across web-enabled devices, as malleable modules, and ready to remix into your content.

The right balance of function and aestheticsWe make beautiful tools that uphold the integrity of your data.

The aha! momentFeel empowered through the process of discovering insights using our informative and engaging visualisations.

Data Visualisation Services

Data management

Process that integrates with your workflowWhether you work with a spreadsheet, a feed, or a relational database, our custom solutions can connect with the way you do things.

Single point of truth, with multiple destinationsWe keep all your data in one place and do the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

Technology that evolves with your needsWe grow with you to ensure a future-proof and reusable system that provides longevity for your data stories.

Specialist solutions for bespoke requirementsDon't know where to start? We can help develop a data management strategy for you.

Data Management Services

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Data is the raw ingredient and context for decision making and communication. We believe data visualisation can empower individuals and organisations with new insights and knowledge.

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